What if I cannot find my Annual Review in Certify?

Typically, a firm registered in Certify will have an annual review created 60 days before their due date (i.e. 30 days before their anniversary date). Certify was able to create annual updates/reviews for a select group of firms in Certify. After logging in to Certify, annual reviews are found on the firm's overview page within the 8(a) program chart; there is a hyperlink that should be clicked to start the update.

If you cannot find your annual review in Certify, it may be because 1) this is your last year in the program and therefore you are not required to submit an annual review or your SAM profile is not “active".

If you still cannot find your annual review and have an active Certify account and active SAM profile, an outstanding annual review, and this is not your last year in the program, please submit a ticket with your Firm name and UEI to the Help Desk at https://sbaone.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/6 and we will create your annual review/update and confirm via email when that is complete.