Connect your Business with Certify

Please do not Connect the Business unless you are the qualifying business owner for the business. SBA will only accept submissions and digital signatures from qualifying business owners. If you are NOT the business owner, please do not proceed. In order to protect personal financial information entered into the system, only the qualifying business owner will have access to their business records.

The first step towards getting your business certified is to register it on the Certify platform.

What you’ll need:

  1. DUNS Number (from Dun and Bradstreet) or UEI (Unique Entity Identifier) 
  2. TIN Number (from IRS
  3. MPIN (from
  4. The type of your business (LLC, Corp., S-Corp., Partnership, etc.).


  1. Enter the numbers and information required (DUNS Number/UEI, TIN, MPIN) into the fields with no spaces or dashes. The MPIN is additionally case-sensitive

  2. These must match exactly as they are on

  3. Once entered select Find Business. This will attempt to match your business with the SAM record. 

  4. From the search results select your business and Select the Business Type from the drop-down. Then select Connect to Business and this will connect your Certify account with your business. 


Your records must have an “Active” status for you to be able to access your records in Changes to records in can take up to 72 hours to transfer to