Create an Account on Certify

Quick Notes: Firm owners, and not third parties or other staff, must create their accounts in Certify. To get started, firm owners will need their DUNS number, TIN (EIN or SSN), and MPIN from their active profile. Please visit your account before getting started to make sure all the information is up to date and that your SAM account is “Active.” Finally, one email address is currently allowed in Certify per business. Therefore, entity-owned firms will need a different email address for each annual review.


  1. Visit and click the Get Started button.

  2. Enter your information and create a strong passphrase (four random words linked together works well)

  3. Check your email within 48 hours for an email from Certify and click the link in email to activate your account.

    1. Add to your contacts/approved list so the email is not blocked as spam

    2. If you do not receive your verification email within 48 hours, please submit a Help Desk ticket to request a password reset.

  4. Log back into and connect your profile to Certify by entering your DUNS, TIN, and MPIN, then click "Connect data."

  5. Select your business type - LLC, Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship - and click "Connect to business.

Should you need assistance creating your account, please submit a Help Desk ticket via the Certify Help Desk Portal. Certify Help Desk can be reached via this link.

+ Entity-Owed Firms: Please find additional details here: Entity-Owned Firms: Supplemental Documents for 8(a) in Certify.

+ Watch a video of how to create an account: Create Your Certify Account


Watch a video of how to create an account: Create Your Certify Account