Why Do I Have to Provide My CAGE Code and Bank Account Number?

SBA must validate ownership of a company before it can be claimed in Certify.  To do this, SBA requires applicants to enter the following data from their SAM profiles:

  • Company UEI

  • CAGE Code (if available)

  • Company TIN (this can be an EIN or SSN, depending on what was registered in SAM.gov | Home )

  • Bank Account Number

In the past, SAM.gov | Home used the MPIN to validate company ownership, but this field has been retired by GSA.

The CAGE Code, and its matched Bank Account Number, have replaced MPIN to support this function (if you do not have a CAGE code, then you will only have one Bank Account Number registered with SAM.gov | Home ).

NOTE that for security purposes, SBA does not store any firm’s Bank Account Number; it is encrypted with an irreversible cryptographic hash.


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