System User Guide for 8(a) BD Participants: Uploading the Social Disadvantage Narrative

Firm Submits Social Disadvantage Narrative

  1. Once you log in to Certify, on your dashboard you will see a red ‘Upload Social Disadvantage Narrative’ button. Click the button to upload your narrative.


  • The button will be blue if it is uploaded but not yet approved. The button will be green if it is uploaded and approved.

  • If your firm has multiple disadvantaged individuals, they will be contacted via Certify and will submit their narratives through the Request for Information (RFI) process.

  • The narrative will need to be in PDF format for submission.

  1. Once you click on the button to upload your narrative, there is a three (3) step process to submit the narrative.

    1. Step One: Review the guide for writing a social disadvantage narrative. Click on the link to review the guide for writing a Social Disadvantage Narrative.

    2. Step Two: Once you have reviewed the guide, click the check box. By clicking the check box, you are confirming that you have reviewed the writing guide.

    3. Step Three: Click the blue ‘Upload’ button to upload your social disadvantage narrative.

  2. Once the file is submitted, a banner will appear at the bottom of the page notifying you that your upload was successful.

Note: In two minutes, the document will be ready for review.

  1. After you have uploaded your narrative, it will be in the processing status, and nothing further is needed from you at this time.

  1. If there are errors or changes that need to be made to the document, you will receive an email alerting you that more information is required. Log back into Certify. On your dashboard you will see the ‘Update Social Disadvantage Narrative’ button in blue. Click the button and update your narrative.


Firm Responds to Request for Information (RFI) for Social Disadvantage Narrative

  1. If you receive an RFI, log into Certify where you will see the notification. Click on the Return for more Information in the Information requests table.

Note: You will also receive the notification via email.

  1. Click on Additional Information Request and complete every section of the information request with the appropriate information.

  1. Once all sections are completed, the Information Request will show the status is complete. You can then click the ‘Sign and submit’ button.

Note: After clicking Sign and submit, no changes can be made.

  1. Click the checkbox in the signature section after reading through the statement and then click the ‘Accept’ button.

  1. RFI is now complete and will be noted in the Information Requests table as shown below.

Note: All other disadvantaged owners will be contacted via Certify. Alert them that they will need to submit their Social Disadvantaged Narrative in PDF format through the RFI process.