What do I do if I get a “No Match Found” error

Your records in SAM.gov must be in the “Active” status to be able to access your records in certify.SBA.gov. Any changes to records in SAM.gov can take up to 72 hours to transfer to certify.SBA.gov.

If your records have been “Active” in SAM.gov for more than 72 hours, please check your DUNS, TIN/EIN and MPIN one more time. They must match exactly as they are displayed in SAM.gov. The DUNS and EIN should be numbers only (no spaces or dashes) and your MPIN is case sensitive. 

Step-by-step guide

If you still cannot associate your business, please go to SAM.gov and verify that your MPIN is correct by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the SAM.gov Homepage: www.sam.gov
  2. Enter your user ID and password, then click the “Log In” button
  3. Once logged in, go to the “My SAM” page and click on “Register/Update Entity” on the left-hand side, then click “Complete Registrations”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on your company in the Entity List
  5. Click on the silver “View” button – this will take you to the entity dashboard
  6. Go to the left-hand side and click “Entity Record”
  7. Your MPIN is the last piece of information listed under “Business Information”

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please provide your DUNS number in your response so that we can do further research.