How to Look up Net Worth/Adjusted Net Worth


If a firm net worth and adjusted net worth is needed for a report the following steps must be taken to find the value.


The net worth is buried in documents accessible from a government account on the front end of certify, therefore someone must login and manually look up each value. If this is the first time a government user is using the system, please check with your supervisor to get the appropriate roles assigned to your account in the Certify system.

  1. Log into so that you can log into Certify using your government email. Click the circled button on the following screenshot to log in using your PIV card

  2. Go to the website and click on the circled link on the homepage


  3. By clicking the login button, a government user should be able to log in using their credentials.


  4. Then, using the DUNS number or BUSINESS NAME. In the example here we are taking the given list of businesses and pasting the first line business name into the system

    Search the Certify website using the search bar.


  5. When the business appears, the business name is a hyperlink that will bring you to the businesses page in the Certify system.

  6. By scrolling down on the business page, a document section should appear as the next to last section on the business homepage.


  7. To find the net worth calculations look for a 1392 document. The naming of the document is not uniform, so it can take a manual scan to look for it under the analyst documents section of the application:



    Opening the document, the net worth and adjusted net worth calculations can be found in the economic disadvantaged section:

    For some older firms the 1392 was never imported into Certify. In that case, the analyst is left with some options:

    i) Take the data in the first annual review and fill in the net worth (Note: the 1392 data is much better because an analyst has corrected it and taken into account edits based on SBA rules, rather than a reported value by the business)

    Then inside that document you can find the information on net worth (although adjusted net worth will need to be calculated by the analyst)

    ii) Open the document titled Initial Submission: YEAR.pdf and calculate the net worth using the fields in the document
    iii) Make a note that the original 1392 needs to be found from the 8a team as it is not in the Certify system.

  8. Populate the original file with the discovered values