Adhoc Info Requests - effects on Deficiency Letters.

If an application has been submitted, and a BOS issues an Adhoc Info Request (Request Additional Info), this will increment a counter field in the master application record: “unanswered_adhoc_reviews”. When this field is greater than zero, the display “Currently With” (on the BOS dashboard) will show as being WITH THE FIRM, even tho the application is still in a SUBMITTED state. At this point, the firm CANNOT update their submitted app; all they can do is submit the Additional Info request.

Additionally, a BOS does not have the ability to send a “deficiency letter” to the firm while there are outstanding issue requests (that option is not available). (Note that manually changing the “unanswered_adhoc_reviews” field back to zero when then allow this option).

If the BOS needs to actually return an AR back to the FIRM for editing purposes (for example, adding a new DVD), there cannot be any outstanding adhoc reviews. The firm must submit those, and then the option to send a Deficiency Letter can be performed by the BOS.