Small Business Enterprise Certification (SBE)

The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certification program is a diversity certification that is normally issued through your local and/or state government. The Small Business Administration (SBA) does not certify businesses as “small.”  A business is determined to be small based on either the firm’s average gross receipts (you take the firm’s gross receipts over the last 3 years and divide by 3) or by the number of employees.  If the industry is Manufacturing or Wholesaling, it will be based on the number of employees.  For all other industries, it will be based on the average gross receipts.  You may learn more about this by going to

If your firm meets the above criteria and you and it reflected as a small business, please follow the below instructions:

A profile in the System for Award Management (SAM) and the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is required for all firms seeking to do business with the Federal government.  This is also a system you use to reflect your firm as a “small business.”  You can set up your profile in the SAM by going to: and clicking on “Create an Account” under the “Register under SAM” heading.