Entity-Owned Firms: Supplemental Documents for 8(a) in Certify

Creating An Account in Certify

Entity owned firms and their contributors cannot have one email address to access all relevant firms. Both the administrator filling out the application and the various contributors will need to register in Certify with a separate email address for each firm.

Filling out the 8(a) application (Initial Application or Annual Review)

Additional instructions for the questions that have been problematic for entity-owned firms are in the document attached below. If you have additional questions, please contact the Certify Help Desk and include your DUNS number and a note that you are an entity-owned firm with your inquiry.

Initial Application


Annual Review

Training Materials

If you were unable to join the entity-owned training for Initial Application held 1/18/18 or would like to review the information presented again, the webinar recording and transcript of the recording are provided, as well as the documentation presented in the training. 

Transcript: 20180118_Entity-Owned_Firm_Training-transcript-EDITED.pdf

*The transcript and video tutorial reference an outdated version of contacting the help desk. The Certify Help Desk can be contacted via this link.